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About Me

I am passionate about technology and development, Software Engineer with more than +10 years of experience. I have worked in insurance, crypto & nft, social networks, and Reports apps. I started learning about crypto in 2016.

* I like challenges and new experiences. My greatest passion and motivation is new knowledge; I love learning new things from different areas. You can see my 2022 learning path here:

* I'm looking to collaborate on open-source projects, and I have some on my Github. (@jamescardona11)

My goals this year are to continue growing as a professional and person; I hope to continue growing in technical and soft skills.

My technical interests are:


-Solidity, web3, Blockchain

-Mobile Dev




-Machine Learning

What soft skills do I think I have, and what can I contribute to a team?

- Leadership

- Assertive communication

- Time management

- Problem resolution

- Tolerance and empathy